The special label for River steel, new material and finished product plate is determined as standard label by Hisense company

Recently, Hisense company asked the supplier for product packaging labels are replaced with environmental protection logo specifications for the small size of 70mm*70mm tags, and the annotation project may not be any less, this was not a small problem to us. Because we are now using the special tag board package is a large size label printing machine specifications 80mm*100mm, package board clearly marked the customer name, production date, volume number, volume of raw steel specifications, product specifications, quantity, color, weight, the production team, inspection and other ten projects, with other suppliers for Hisense company supply the plate package due to small size specifications, detailed product information to print, it has been used manual fill in the product information, but the product information representation is not clear. In order to reflect the new material River steel precision, fine, fine management, standard board package private label writing appearance, new material label contact River steel manufacturer, emergency ordered a number of specifications for 70mm*70mm with environmental protection logo roll label, label printing mode transformation, after repeated testing, product information all in small size label print, can satisfy the customer requirements in the label specifications on, and can express packaging information to customers with clear, has brought great convenience, highly praised by customers.

In March, Hisense company will be River steel new product plate packaging special label is set as standard label, require other suppliers are according to River steel new product label standard implementation, shall not use handwritten label.