HBIS New Material new material by South Korea's Daewoo Electronics Corporation as an outstanding supplier of the year 2015

 In January 28, 2016, South Korea Eastern Daewoo Electronics Corporation held 2015 outstanding supplier conference in Highton International Hotel, Eastern South Korea Daewoo procurement minister Lin Zanmo the procurement team gathered in Shanghai, summarized the work in 2015, outlook 2016 prospects.

Lin thanked the 43 outstanding suppliers from various industries in the past year to support the eastern Daewoo love, on 2016, Lin said, in 2016 the eastern Daewoo will procurement share in Chinese, and settlement currency by US dollars into RMB, to avoid exchange rate risk, at the same time, will also boost the pace of RMB internationalization.

The iron and steel enterprises steel River new material as the only one finalist for outstanding supplier, will strive to seize this opportunity, on the basis of good service on domestic Tianjin Daewoo, Daewoo with two processing base to South Korea and Mexico, to provide quality services for the globalization of eastern South Korea daewoo. At the same time, this strategic adjustment of foreign-funded enterprises also provides inspiration for our management thinking in 2016.