HBIS New Material won the Haier supplier gold cube Award

In March 9th, in 2017 in Shanghai, Haier global suppliers and users zero distance conference, River steel won the Haier supplier gold cube award.

Golden cube was founded in 2015, Haier is the supplier to participate in the construction of Haier ecosphere, modular program to create the highest praise of user value. Over the past three years, the gold cube award has become the highest award for measuring the supplier's innovation capability in the appliance industry. As of 2016, a total of 62 suppliers were awarded.

In 2017, there were 227 suppliers nominated for the golden cube prize. After the program was widely selected, recommended registration, program nominations, users choose four links, and ultimately 68 influential industries in the world leading enterprises stand out. River Steel Group and Baosteel become the iron and steel supplier of this honor. At the same time, there are also world famous enterprises such as China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, Samsung Electronics, MITSUBISHI motors and so on.