Company Profile

      Qingdao Hegang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Hegang new material"),based on the competitiveness of color plate materials, has built an industrial-leading one-stop appearance module service provider. Based on the three major business sections of home appliance color coating, building materials color coating and appearance module, we will bring the best service experience for users / customers, allow the United States enter thousands of households, and create a better life full of dream color.

Advanced production capacity

Qingdao hegang new material, Qingdao hegang composite new material and Hefei hegang new material production bases: totally five high-end customized coating plate production lines with a comprehensive production capacity of 500K tons.

Strong R & D advantages  

HBIS new material has the first domestic color coating production line for household electrical appliances all around China.

Over the past 20 years, we have focused on the research and development of coating plate market, and cultivated. A sophisticated R & D and design team was built. HBIS new material owns first CMF design and development mode in China provides customized solutions for users from three aspects of color, material and surface treatment, with more than 70 invention patents and utility model patents. NPI laboratory and product review room with complete functions inject more powerful R & D vitality into the emergence of boutiques.

Advantages of global resource integration  

Under the premise of the core resources guarantee of Hegang group, it has established long-term cooperative relations with large domestic and foreign iron and steel groups such as Baosteel, Magang, Shougang, WISCO, POSCO, etc.; in terms of coating and color film resources. We have also joined hands with global excellent resources such as nippon, wisber, noroo, LG, Hanhua, 3M, etc., to provide users with the world's most cutting-edge new technologies, new materials and new processes, and help partners Brand creation and industry leading.

Fast response mechanism 

Hegang new material is rooted in users, integrates technology, art and fashion into products. We have established a rapid response mechanism for all employees to acquire users' needs through close communication.

Excellent cultural guidance

Hegang new material integrates the advanced concepts and excellent genes of HBIS group and Haier Group. With the vision of "creating a better life" and the mission of "global coating plate industry leader". Adhering to the strategic position of "based on the competitiveness of color coated plate materials, build a one-stop appearance scheme service provider led by the industry, meet the best experience of customers / users“. HBIS new material is devoted to the working concept of "high quality, high quality, word-of-mouth", establish a market-oriented employment and small differential matching mechanism. Creating a happy working environment, stimulating the infinite potential of employees, and providing a platform and space for talent development are our striving direction!

Hegang New Material Co., Ltd. conscientiously implements the development strategy of the two groups, strives to improve the ability to connect with the market and customers, does its duty, forges ahead and creates a better future for mankind.