Support capacity
Delivery Guarantee

1. Located east of Asia's largest port - Qingdao port, 1.5km to the Jiaozhou Bay highway and Tongsan highway, 1.5km from the railway station (freight), 30km away from Qingdao International Airport. With huge regional advantages, transportation of raw materials, finished products, and comings and goings of personnel is very convenient.

2. HBIS New Materials headquarter, Qingdao Special Steel, Hefei Special Steel, Hangang color coated-- four manufacturing bases, worldwide business coverage; guaranteed 500,000 tons of production capacity.

3. Asia's most advanced three coating three baking, three sets of continuous color coating lines, printing lines, embossing lines, cutting lines. One-stop end-to-end services meet the needs of domestic and international customers, and reduces running stock.

Quality Guarantee

The implementation of the whole process of quality management to ensure the efficient operation of quality management system; continue to strengthen the production site 6s control, to achieve stable production line. Concerned about the production line production and changes in indicators, so that the overall controllable, dynamic management.

The products have passed the ISO9000, ISO14000 and ohs2008 system certification, and a perfect quality assurance system has been established, which is based on the three-level inspection, guaranteed by the product ID card, and assessed by the quality traceability for two life, ensuring the applicability, reliability and stability of the product quality.
Resource Guarantee
With the resource advantages provided by the two major shareholders, we shall integrate the global excellent supplier resources. Therefore, the most powerful guarantee for the provision of high-quality products will be offered. And we are going to establi


  • Steel resources
    We not only have the strategic resources of HBIS, but also cooperate withimmense domestc and multinational steel groups such as Baosteel , Maanshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, and POSCO...
  • Association resources
    Relying on the resources of high-quality associations in the industry, our brand's comprehensive competitiveness will be enhanced to provide users with a better product experinence
  • Film resources
    Cooperate with outstanding brands such as LG, Hanwha and 3M to provide users with more options
  • Design resources
    The fuly opening design platform of HBIS New Material has atracted outstanding designers at home and abroad to gather wide deas, it also joins in the China Fashion & Color Assocation, cooperates with the famous WGSN and NCS in order to produce the wonld's eading excellent products.
  • Coating resources
    Cooperate with coating suppliers of famous brands, such as Nippon,Vaispar, NORROO, etc, .to provide the highest quality products
  • Chemical materials resources
    We cooperate with excelent suppliers such as Henkel, Parker, South KoreaLG in chemical materials