HBIS New Material attend China International Flat Steel Industry Expo

On September 17th, the opening ceremony of the first China International Flat Steel Industry Expo& “the Belt and Road Initiatives“- China Flat Steel Industry Summit was held at Bingzhou International exhibition center. Wang Suilian, vice governor of Shandong province and chairman of Shandong Federation of industry and Commerce announced the opening of the exhibition. Garner business alliance executive chairman Kwadwo, vice president of China Federation of international business affairs, senior consultant of African and Arabia Commerce Alliances in China Hossain Saeed, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and vice president of China Chamber of International Commerce Lu Pengqi, vice minister of CCPIT legal affairs department Liu Chao, Director of SME Bureau of Shandong Province Wang Zhaochun, party number and Secretary-General of Shandong Federation of industry and Commerce Yu Ling, vice president of the China Council for The Promotion of International Trade Shandong Sub-council Lin Yuan, deputy secretary of Binzhou municipal Party committee and mayor Cui Honggang and municipal leaders Zhao Qingping, Li Jialiang, Hou Xuefeng, Yuan Zhaohui attend the ceremony.

Exhibition Scene


Exhibition Scene


       Exhibition Scene

       It is reported that the Binzhou International Exhibition Center consists of metal shet\et, chemical auxiliary materials, steel building materials, mechanical equipment, electricity supplier logistics and special products, six exhibition sections, a total of 20000 square meters. There are 110 exhibitors attending, Boxing Local supplier of sheet plate accounted for the vast majority. As a large-scale enterprise and non-local exhibitors, also as industry leader of precoated and laminated steel, HBIS New Material, at the exhibition, draw much attention from media and public. At exhibition spot, dozens of high-end advanced color plate for building material and for home appliances were displayed, and attracted much interest from customers, clients and industry peers colleagues. HBIS New Material exhibitors interact with many and introduced the products. With the exhibition, River steel new materials continue to expand brand awareness, and established extensive and friendly contacts with all walks of life.

       During the exhibition, Mr. Liu, chairman and general manager of HBIS New Material, pay a visit to the exhibition hall for guidance. In the exhibition area, Liu also accepted the CCTV interview of two program, through the media, sending strong HBIS New Material brand.

       It is reported that the exhibition will last three days, organized by China Chamber of International Commerce, supported by CCPIT Enterprises Rights Protection Center, CCPIT MC branch, Boxing Metal Industry Association, LGMI website, Mysteel website, Shandong Qianli Exhibition. The exhibition to showcase renowned companies and products, promote the progress of industry, , cooperation and win-win "for the purpose, focus on" The Belt and Road, China manufacturing, integration and development, cooperation and win-win "theme, inviting experts and professors make interpretation of steel industry trend under “The Belt and Road ", and inviting guests visit the Boxing related enterprises, held economic and trade cooperation projects signing conference. (Qinlu website)