Replacing wood with steel, steel band stone, and plastic with steel: color coated plate is a metal and chemical composite material which is an attractive alternative to wood and other materials. It has several advantages, just like environmental protection, low carbon, fire prevention and flame retardant, weather resistance and powdering resistance, excellent processability and rich color table. Besides, it can also reduce the cost of building maintenance to the lowest level.

It can be widely used in large-scale exhibition centers, stadiums, aviation hubs, high-speed railway buildings, cultural facilities and other landmark outdoor buildings; at the same time, it can also be used in high-end home appliances, elevators, office equipment, hospitals, interior decoration industry, as well as integrated bathroom, integrated kitchen and other places.

Green environmental protection, recyclable:green manufacturing, product pollution-free zero formaldehyde, and do not produce construction waste, recyclable.

Exterior decoration of buildings
Interior decoration
Fire-proof door
Animal Husbandry
Integrated kitchen
Interior materials
Integral bathroom
Steel furniture
Office equipment panel
  • Architectural field
  • Decoration field

    In the field of high-end building materials, it has the design, development and production capacity of PE general polyester, SMP silicon modification, HDP high weather resistance, PVDF fluorocarbon and various antibacterial, heat insulation, fire

    Seaside factory


    High speed rail station

    Animal Husbandry

    Plant / warehouse

    Hegang new material in the field of building decoration has the ability of four sets of color printing, high-end film covering and cross-border design and development. We are going to offer customers various patterns and performance. with products


    Electronic Factory

    Food factory


    Air duct

    Lobby area / administration area / office area

    Bathroom / kitchen

Decorative building materials
  • Decorative building materials
  • Containment system
    Metal insulation decoration integrated quick mounting plate
    Structure Introduction

    Hegang new material metal heat preservation integrated board is an integrated board composed of Hegang new material metal printing decorative board and heat preservation material, which conforms to the national call for the use of heat preservatio

    Metal composite quick mounting plate
    Structure Introduction

    The plate is composed of five layers. The first layer is printed alloy plate, the second layer is polymer film, the third layer is inorganic core material, the fourth layer is polymer film, the fifth layer is alloy substrate, which is also known a

    Metal veneer quick mounting plate
    Structure Introduction

    (filling: gypsum board / calcium silicate board, etc.)

    Enclosure system - Product Analysis
    Enclosure system - product specifications
    Enclosure system - color card
  • Quick installation
    Simple installation, dust-free and noise-free construction, short construction period. 40 square meter toilet, common process 3-4 days, quick installation for 4 hours.
  • Safety and innocuity
    The product is made of metal and inorganic core materials. It has stable chemical and physical structure and will not decompose and mildew. It is a green environmental protection building material.
  • Thermal insulation and sound insulation
    With good partition performance, it can play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof and sound insulation.
  • Long life span
    It will last for 30 years without fading or aging. The service life of imported PVF can reach 50-70 years.
  • Colorful
    Various colors, large selection space for users, can meet any color requirements of customers.
  • Diversified modeling
    The metal substrate and printing and coloring process are perfectly matched to ensure scratch resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance, and meet the processing requirements of various shapes
  • High fire rating
    Different core materials can meet the national class A and class B fire protection requirements to ensure safety
  • Environmentally recyclable
    To avoid the damage of stone and wood to the natural environment, it can be recycled, energy saving and environmental protection.
Circulating goods - Product Service Customization

Color coated board is a green building material. How to choose correctly, use reasonably, and improve the service life are the most concerned problems of the owners and project builders.

Properties of color coated steel plate:mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), coating properties (coating type, coating thickness and coating adhesion) and coating properties (coating type, color, luster, du
Inspection report of national institutions—— metal composite plate series
  • 金属印花复合装饰板-甲醛和TVOC
  • 金属印花复合装饰板-燃烧等级B1
  • 陶瓷金属印花复合装饰板
  • 金属印花复合装饰板-燃烧等级A2
  • 压花金属印花复合装饰板
Classic case
Typical domestic engineering application cases - 2019
  • Fujian Jinjiang power plant
    Time of completion: 2019.3
  • Yibin Chery Automobile Factory Project
    Time of completion: 2019.7
  • Luoyang No.8 factory project, Honglu, Anhui
    Time of completion: 2019.6
  • Beijing New Airport
    Time of completion: 2019.10
  • Qingdao Jiaozhou airport project
    Time of completion: 2019.10
  • Leting administration building project of Tanggang
    Time of completion: 2019.7
Application cases of foreign building materials

Global market network — As an international high-end brand from Europe and the United States, coating plate has been exported to nearly 30 countries such as the United States, the European Union, Canada, Mexico, etc., serving global users with high-quality products.