Vice governor Zhang Gujiang to Tangshan River Steel Research

  To August 21st, vice governor of Hebei province Zhang Gujiang River steel in Tangshan research. Tangshan City mayor Ding Xiufeng, deputy party secretary of the group Li Bingjun to participate in research.

    Zhang Gujiang listened to the Tangshan Steel River party secretary and chairman Wang Lanyu of the company's production and management reporting. He pointed out that the river in Tangshan steel plant a beautiful environment, clean production site, which is a comprehensive reflection of technology and management ability of an enterprise, fully proved that the river steel has high sense of social responsibility in tangshan. Tangshan is a big city of Tangshan Iron and steel iron and steel, steel river is Tangshan's largest iron and steel enterprises, plays an important role in the investigation of Yajian capacity, mainly to understand the progress of enterprise related work and existing problems, and the problems need to be solved.

    Zhang Gujiang stressed that in River steel in promoting enterprise restructuring and development process, the comprehensive competitiveness has been significantly improved, realize the upgrading of products, the real practice of the low-carbon economy, green development "concept. The development of Tangshan Steel River, River Steel Group became the first US supplier and the second car plate plate supplier, has made a positive contribution, has played an important role, but also set a benchmark and example for the industry. I hope Tangshan River steel tightly around the provincial government "focus on three major tasks, overall plan to promote the development of the two wings", further strengthen the innovation, reform and opening up, integration, quality and other aspects of the work, bold practice, innovation, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, realize the quality development and make greater contribution to the economic transformation of Hebei upgrade.

    Zhang Gujiang also visited the exhibition hall in Tangshan River steel and iron making plant No. 4 bf.