Sinokor group and the Group signed a memorandum of understanding

    To August 29th, as the industry leading enterprises - the global iron and steel enterprises steel River group with the world shipping company Sinokor group, signed a memorandum of understanding in South korea. Group party secretary, chairman Yu Yong, Sinokor Group Chairman Zheng Taichun representing the two sides signed and delivered a speech.

    Group deputy general manager Wang Xindong, deputy general manager of the group, chairman of the international steel River Liu Jian, Sinokor group general manager Zheng Jiaxian, and Li Taidong, executive director of sage has attended the signing ceremony.

    Yu Yong said in his speech that this year is the river steel and Sinokor group cooperation in 10th anniversary, the two sides in the ten years of cooperation, to provide strong support to each other, each other has left unforgettable memories, also witnessed the river steel and Sinokor group common development. Sinokor group is a special steel enterprise to respect the river. In modern society, it is easy to build a company, but it is very difficult to build a long-term enterprise. Today's Sinokor group, has become a global shipping company, has a strong influence in the world. It not only builds a growth platform for many young people in Korea, but also makes a great contribution to the economic development of South korea. Every communication, can deeply feel the Sinokor group deep enterprise culture, advanced concept and team spirit.

    Yu Yong pointed out that in today's society, with the progress of science and management, the competition between enterprises has become completely different from the past. The competition in the future is no longer an enterprise facing the market competition alone, but an industry chain competition, which requires the formation of industrial chain between enterprises and enterprises, and face the new competitive environment together. River steel, one of the world's largest steel manufacturing and integrated services providers, operates in more than 100 countries and has entity companies in thirty countries. It has become a global enterprise. Sinokor group is one of the highest River steel partners. In the future to participate in the global competition, we particularly cherish Sinokor group cooperation. Willing to associate with the river steel Sinokor group, Sinokor group is due to the future full of hope, and Sinokor group is cooperation and future cooperation. The river steel and Sinokor Group signed a strategic agreement for cooperation between the two sides of the new, opened a new page, the future will work together to deal with the challenges.

    Zheng Taichun Yong for his party welcomed the arrival, he pointed out that the iron and steel industry is the foundation of all human, no steel cannot obtain the modern civilization of city life, River steel steel has made great contribution to the prosperity of mankind. In dealing with the complex environment, the River Steel Group has become one of the leading steel enterprises in China with excellent leadership, keen insight and farsighted strategic vision. Facing the more complicated market environment in the future, we firmly believe that the river steel will be able to overcome the difficulties intelligently and become the best Steel Corp in the world.

    Zheng Taichun said it would be a great honor to establish a strategic partnership with River steel, which will enter the world's first phalanx iron and steel enterprise. The memorandum of understanding concluded will lay a solid foundation for the development of the two enterprises and the partnership for the next thirty years. Looking forward to the signing of the memorandum of understanding, the two companies will give full play to their strengths and play a mutually supportive role in a severe market environment. The two sides will achieve mutual growth and common development on the basis of mutual trust.

    According to the agreement, the group will consider Sinokor group as all priority shipping business partners, Sinokor group through the use of transport capacity to meet the transportation demand of raw materials. Provide advice on Sinokor group will group in shipping cooperation, charter and related aspects. The group also with higher financing and financing ability, combined with investors to participate in the Sinokor group any new shipbuilding and second-hand ship acquisition business, and to develop shipping professionals. With the Sinokor group to establish a strategic partnership or joint venture, to obtain expert assistance in maritime shipping exports.