HBIS New Material new material 2016 ten news events announced

In 2016, the new material thoroughly River River steel steel group work deployment, actively around the "market" and "product" two themes, with the market as the center unit, listen to customer demand and innovation to create a staff management system, fully stimulate and release the vitality of enterprises. In the team, products, markets, brands, culture, influence and other aspects of outstanding achievements, the successful completion of the annual objectives and tasks, and achieved a new leap forward development of river steel. From the annual events of each unit, we selected 20 influential items as "the ten most influential events in the 2016 year of the river steel". By voting on the Internet real name system, we selected the ten major news events of River Steel's new year 2016, which are hereby announced as follows:

1, River steel new material, Hefei special steel in December 9, 2016 obtained TCL outstanding supplier award; in January 19, 2017 by Taizhou LG management contribution award. At the end of December 2016, the new material River steel Qingdao steel and Hefei steel to achieve a total sales of 251 thousand tons, an increase of 29%, achieved the highest sales growth of nearly 5 years.

2, 2016, River steel new timber products detonated in full, new light technology, low-carbon color board UCM product research and development success, and become the only domestic industry to master the technology of color plate company. Washing machine, lemon, gold, PM, electricity supplier champagne, rose series, water heaters, V lines series and many other products to create the industry first, the annual total revenue of 120 million yuan to achieve high value-added new products. In March of the same year, the New Zealand Hello Kitty series brand customized color plate project developed by R. R. C. new materials was awarded the "golden Cube" prize of Haier group (the only one in the joint venture company).     

3, the new material in 2016 River steel thoroughly implement the group work deployment, actively around the "products" and "market" two themes, with the market as the center unit, the implementation of the responsibility of small micro innovation to create a full listen to customer needs, management system, annual production and sales of home appliances by coating the plate 365 thousand tons, sales income of 2 billion 300 million yuan, in household appliances, coating the plate this segment, the domestic and international double first.

4 and May 5, 2016, general manager of the River Steel Group Peng Zhaofeng inspected River steel new material and made important speeches. The requirements of the new steel material River to the customer as the center, with high-end customers to boost high-end product development and production, the international board coating industry leader, and play well River Steel Group steel appliances production and marketing research bridgehead, pointed out the direction for the development orientation of new material steel river.

5, River steel new material conscientiously implement the group "in 2016 focused on the work of analysis that will be" the spirit of the meeting, to pay reform as the starting point, innovation management mode, the "grasping sales price, the production cost management cost catch," the responsibility of small and micro management mode, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of all staff, production the efficiency and benefits of the growth rate of enterprises reached more than 40%.

6, August 29, 2016, the new integration of River steel integrated work group to promote the whole process informatization project kick-off meeting; in December 31st, the whole process of River steel new material informatization project formally launched. Marking the last four months, the three factories of the whole process of information integration project, the first phase of the project officially entered the operational phase. With the shortest time, the highest efficiency, a new record of the industry.

7, the new material module River steel operations focusing on team building, adhering to the "concept of manufacturing precision, fine, fine", in 2016 the Department of inspections and assessments, 6S gold medal team 15 times, 19 times the quality team, TPM team award 13 times, including the Chongqing line as a model for sheet metal B line division. The manufacture of household electrical appliance modules has become another new brand of river steel.

8, 2016, River steel applied for 16 new patents, of which 5 invention patents, so far, the cumulative application for more than 50 patents. The new material River steel Qingdao special steel, Hefei special steel by the high-tech enterprise certification, home appliance standard new material from steel coated board led the drafting of the completed declaration.

9, River steel new material in 2016 in recognition of the general assembly, customer service manager Mei Xiaodong won the "service grievance award award, a company called for all employees to customers of the perfect starting point as we do in pursuit of perfect upgrade, embrace the world with more broad-minded, with happiness".

10, River steel new material equipment department to actively implement the "human unity, build the whole process of the equipment management system, equipment failure time from 14531 minutes in 2015 2016 to 11313 minutes, reduce the rate of 22%, 71.545 tons of waste reduction, improve the supply to customers to ensure capacity.